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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How I got TCK status

It all began with my birth. I was born in England to American parents who were on their second overseas assignment with the USAF. My father continued to choose overseas assignments in Europe, and I (along with my sister who came along 5.5 years later) grew up in many different cultures and countries.

Here is a brief overview
(it does not include moves within the same country/assignment):

Born in Oxfordshire, England, UK
Lived in Sumter, SC
Lived in Montgomery, AL
Lived in Lakenheath, England
Lived in Napoli, Italia (3 yrs)
Lived in Stuttgart, Germany (2 yrs)
Lived in Napoli, Italia (2.5 yrs)
Lived in Tucson, AZ (1.5 yrs)
Went to University in Searcy, AR (3.5 yrs)


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